Welcome To My New Site!

Welcome to JM Organizations! Yes, those are my initials, and my name is Jill.

Over the decades of working online, living through the bubble of the 90s, and all the chaos since; if I have learned nothing else it is that I just have to write what is inside me.

As you can see, the site is a little bit empty right now, but will be filling up quickly with lots of new information. I deleted twelve sites last months, to make space for the real me, and all the knowledge I have packed inside myself.

One of my lifelong mottos has been, “If you don’t learn something new every day, you aren’t living.” As an Internet Research professional, I have learned more about every topic you could name than most people under the age of sixty. I am going to publish it all here for you. Just choose a category you are interested in, or a topic that appeals to your desire to learn…and we’re off!

Just one quick question before you start reading. How many websites have you visited and could tell the writer had never used the product or service, or even been to the location they said they traveled to?  Too many right?  Well not on my website!  If I do an article or review, I have used it or been there.  You get the whole truth, good or bad.

Follow along on my journey, learn more about me, and my travels. By following the site, you will learn all kinds of new things with us, and get the real facts.